Welcome to Wythenshawe Games On the Move!

In place of the usual Wythenshawe Games, we are offering a programme of sports & activity throughout the summer holidays, at venues around Wythenshawe.

There will be activities for all ages, families, children, older people, plus inclusive sports. The Summersonic sessions for young people will also be a part of Wythenshawe Games on the Move.

All sessions must be booked in advance, we cannot accept any drop-ins. All activities are free and you can book on as many different ones as you like!

24 July to 27 August 2021

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+ Wythenshawe Park
+ Hollyhedge Park
+ Peel Hall Park
+ Painswick Park & Lifestyle Centre
+ Rodgers Park
+ Wythenshawe Sports Ground & Kenworthy Woods
+ Sparkford Fields